ASIRS acknowledges that the data you store in ASIRS is important to you and your organization. Keeping your data secure is our highest priority, and we use some of the most advanced technology available to ensure that your data is safe.

Security of Your Data

In order to ensure data confidentiality over the public Internet, ASIRS utilizes industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to secure the connection, using both server authentication and data encryption.

Your data is stored on servers behind a constantly maintained firewall which prevents interference or access from people not authorized to access the system.

Secure Authentication

You are required to authenticate to ASIRS using a user id and password before ASIRS authorizes you to view your own data.


ASIRS issues a session “cookie” to manage authentication and authorization. The session “cookie” is encrypted, and does not store any confidential information on either the user or session. Specifically, the cookie does not store the username or the password of the user.

Physical Security

ASIRS is hosted in a highly secure data center. Access to the production area is controlled through a system of biometric locks, constant monitoring by CCTV and a full-time staff presence. Access is restricted to authorized data center personnel only. No one else can enter this area with prior clearance and an appropriate escort.

All employees working at the data center undergo multiple and thorough background security checks before they are hired.

The data center is an unmarked low profile facility, and is subject physical security audits conducted by an independent firm.

Security Updates

We continually monitor and apply applicable security updates to ASIRS and its hosting infrastructure in order to ensure that ASIRS runs in a safe and secure environment.

We also work closely with leading experts in Internet and web application security to ensure that the security of our application is safeguarded against not only current, but also emerging threats.


Your data is backed up on a daily basis and stored at an off-site location. Should a system-wide disaster occur, this will ensure that we can perform a full backup recovery. We practice restoring data from backups twice a year.

Our server hardware is fully redundant. This means that even if one disk or server fails, no data will be lost and the system will not go down.

Your Role in Security

Whilst we have taken all reasonable measures to ensure the security of your data, you can also play an important role by doing the following:

  1. Do not share your credentials.
  2. Choose a secure password.
  3. Always sign out of ASIRS when you complete your activities.
  4. In the event that you suspect that your ASIRS account has been compromised or abused, please report it to