The ASIRS is committed to providing a feedback channel and system of complaint management to ensure that dispute resolution is carried out in an objective, fair and amiable manner.


If the student considers that the feedback is a complaint/grievance due to supposedly unfair or unreasonable events, he/she should, at the earliest possible opportunity, seek to resolve the complaint/grievance with the relevant parties (e.g. lecturers, staff of ASIRS).


A student who is seeking dispute or grievance resolution should follow the 4-steps Dispute Resolution Process outlined below. Each step should be completed before going to the next step.


All complaints within the control of ASIRS shall be resolved within 21 working days.


Step 1

  • The student is to approach our Student Care Executive for assistance to address his/her feedback regarding the issue at hand.
  • The Student Care Executive will address the issue and if necessary, arrange for a meeting with the relevant parties involved. The main objective of the informal meeting between the student and parties involved, where applicable, is to achieve resolve the feedback or issue amiably.


Step 2

  • If the issue is not resolved during Step 1, the student can file the issue formally in written form via a letter or email to with the following details:
    1. Outline of the case and prior attempts to resolve the issue through the Student Care Executive
    2. The facts and evidences supporting the case
  • The relevant department will contact the student upon reviewing the provided information and validating that the case is genuine.


Step 3

  • ASIRS will conduct its investigations and resolve to close the case amiably with the student within 21 working days. A formal response will be made to the student.


Step 4

  • In the event that the student and ASIRS are still unable to resolve the issue, either the student and/or ASIRS should refer the dispute to the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) through CPE’s Student Services Centre prior to any other further actions.


For more information about CPE’s dispute resolution process and the CPE Mediation-Arbitration Scheme, click